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Step 1 - Travel

Add as many trips as you require, and then continue to Step 2.

Insert your trip details below, click the 'Submit trip' button, and then see your trip drawn on the map.

The trip calculator can be used to estimate the emissions associated with all of your family's annual travel, including travel associated with commuting to work, leisure/errands, or vacations/business trips. To estimate the emissions associated with your travel, it is suggested that you separate your travel by trip purpose and estimate emissions separately for each. To do so, the calculator allows you to add individual trips by trip purpose. For those trip purposes with multiple trips per year (e.g. commuting to work), you can use the 'Calculate # Trips' button to quickly determine the number of trips you might make per year.

The average Canadian works 50 weeks per year, 5 days a week, with 10 bank holidays. You can change these numbers below to quickly calculate how many times a year you make a particular trip.

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