New Brunswick EcoChallenge Calculators

The New Brunswick Department of Environment will be collaborating with 30 families to take part in an awareness challenge on climate change. This is an opportunity for families to highlight and share with New Brunswickers what they are already doing, and to learn about new activities that will help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate. Families will also gain insightful information on climate change.

The EcoChallenge has been designed specifically to raise awareness of climate change issues. It will take families through a step-by-step program to reduce your environmental footprint, make a real difference to the environment, and save money. The program is easy to follow and contains easy step-by-step instructions. The activities of the challenge will focus on the following themes: energy, transportation, waste, water and measures to help you adapt to a changing environment.

Over the course of the challenge, experts from the Department of Environment, Canadian Standards Association and Efficiency NB will families with tips and advice. Families will also have the opportunity to network with other participating families.

The Family EcoChallenge will be launched on 1 February 2012 and will conclude 1 June 2012.

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The Calculators

The calculators listed on the right have been developed in order to allow participants to:

  • record baseline data (household energy use (kWh), vehicle and other fuel use, and kilometres travelled), and water usage at the start of the EcoChallenge;
  • select actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve water;
  • carry out actions, with the support of the EcoChallenge team, and;
  • submit baseline data and actions as they are accomplished.